Wilbur                                     Robert Wakefield
Isaiah                                      Bob Daubney
Amos                                       Ben Kershaw
Ester                                        Ruth Seddon
Wilburs Daugther                  Lauren Eddowes
The Proffessor                       Alan Sargent
Geoffrey Mortimer                  Lee Eddowes
Judith                                       Marie Piekarski
Captain Wilson                        Dan Whitton     
Miriam                                      Susan Beswick
Marcel                                      Dean Ashton
Methidios                                 Paul Brooks
Iezebel Saline                         Roxanne Gray
Annia Strida                             Gemma Louise Bridge
Nathan                                      Clayton Whittaker
Rebel Girl                                 Alexa Piekarski
Rebel Girl 2                             Charlotte Daubney
Mary                                          Ann Audin
Nigel Ralffe Cullen                Peter Burgess
Salome                                    Mirna
Mark                                          Mike Salt
Luke                                         Sam Brookfield
Space Station Crew-
Xander and the Peace Pirates

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