Concept is that 50% will go to support the next movie venture with everyone involved at present welcome to help along again on that project and to get new people involved also.

The other 50% will be shared out in fairness and equity by judging people by time spent on the project. The amount of work they provided. The amount of help and support they gave the project. A creative and technical side I.E Special Effects, Music, Film Editing who will get rewarded for efforts off the scene...

I will devise something fair and concrete eventually but that side is after the movie and of no real significance at the moment.. 

Business Support
If your business wants to be involved in the most happening place of 2009..
well You get a share for being involved and a share for your material help to the project..
In Return we will advertise your company at every suitable opportunity along with the Movie Promotions.

Real PR stuff will be with the hype about two months before the films release. Good idea to get involved early before we close the doors to business support.


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